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Answers to Frequently Asked Property Owner  Questions

Q. How quickly will you be able to get my property rented?
A.  Minimizing your vacancy is our top priority. Before we list your property, we will provide a detailed rental analysis to determine the best rental rate for the local sub-market. While we want to get your property rented quickly, we also want you to get the best dollar return on your investment. Once a property is listed, we typically start seeing inquiries within 24 hours, with tenants applying within a week.

Q. How will you screen my tenant?
A.  Finding good quality, reliable tenants is paramount for long-term rental success. All applicants are required to make three times the monthly rent amount in income and to provide proof of such. We run a credit and criminal background check through TransUnion. We can adjust the parameters for acceptance to suit the price point and demographics of your property and neighborhood.

Q. How soon will my new tenants be moving in?
A. Unless agreed upon otherwise with the property owner, we require all new tenants to move in within 14 days of applying. In reality, most new tenants move in within a week.

Q. How do you handle repairs?
A. Our qualified in-house staff handles small repairs, such as toilet leaks, lock repairs, and minor HVAC issues. For more in-depth repairs we work with a number of reputable local contractors who give us best pricing. We pass this savings on to you with no markup.

Q. My property needs some work before a new tenant can move in. Can you help?
We recommend the following be done to your property before we show it to prospective renters:


1) Have the home professionally cleaned.

2) Have the carpets professionally cleaned.

3) Have the yard detailed. 

4) Touch up or fully paint all walls.

5) Address any deferred maintenance.

6) Have a pest control inspection.

7) If applicable, make sure the pool is well maintained.

8) If furnished, de-clutter and remove any valuables.

You may do the work yourself, or you can take advantage of the discount rates we receive from our vendors. There is no markup on any contractor services you procure through us.

Q. When do I get my rental proceeds?
A. If you elect to connect your bank account to our online payment system, and if the tenant chooses to pay using this method, funds are available within three business days of payment. Rental checks we receive are forwarded next day via USPS. For larger, multi-unit properties, we recommend establishing a dedicated bank account and granting us signatory permissions so we can make deposits for you.

Q. What if my tenant doesn’t pay?
A. Because we screen your tenants thoroughly, we don’t anticipate many non-payers. However, given the current economic climate, we can’t rule this out completely. We actively pursue collections via email, on the phone, and in person, if necessary. In the unlikely event of an eviction, we work with a local landlord attorney who offers effective processing at a very competitive rate to oust your problem tenant so that we can get your property re-rented quickly.

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